Frequently asked questions

  • Do you accept sponsored posts?

    No, we do not accept sponsored posts. We only feature what we have tried and tested and love

  • Do you use other peoples’ images, illustrations or artwork?

    We often use artists we like and get things especially commissioned for SAGITTA. Every artist gets credited for their work. If anyone has a problem being featured please let us know.

  • Can I email about advice?

    Yes, of course you can. We will try to answer your email or forward it to another professional to help.

  • Do you take commissions on posts or products?

    We do not have affiliate links. Again, we choose products because we like them.

  • Will you write about my product?

    We are always interested in new products and ideas, so please do send us an email.

  • Do you ship worldwide?

    Currently sadly no, but we are about to change that. For now it's only EU and Switzerland.

  • Where can I get SAGITTA products?

    In our online shop and in selected pharmacies in Germany.

  • Where do you produce your products?

    If we do not produce them ourselves, we only work with selected partners in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

  • Where do you get all your information from?

    We work closely with a network of pharmacists and doctors, everything that appears on this site has been checked and approved by a professional.

We hope you find this website easy to use, but please feel free to email or call us if you have any problems.



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