Happy Friday! We're officially in Spring up here in the northern hemisphere and the days are slowly getting lighter and even some plants are starting to come back to life. What wonderful magic. Anyhow, it's time for our favourite finds from the week. 

Here are the average peak ages throughout life, where you will reach your high points. Shame about women’s salaries but we’re super happy to see 74 is the age where you’re happiest with your body.

What are zombie cells and how do we kill them?! Apparently this could help improve health in old age.

Ali-G speaking at Harvard will get you giggling.

This ad is so great, what special needs?

Congrats to Courtney Adamo who had a baby recently with her children present.

Healthy hearts and Bolivia, we can learn some things from here. 

The UK could soon introduce free sanitary products to schoolgirls from poor backgrounds.

The rankings have come in and the happiest countries in the world are cold and dark most of the year.

Here's what happens to your brain when you stop exercising.

The remarkable life and legacy of child inventor Louis Braille.

This illustration by @jooleelorn has us in stitches. Or was that feeling a stomach parasite? :|

This is a super cool idea, build a greenhouse around your house and live using nature. #Goals.

Most couples don’t have matching sleep patterns, compromise is key.

Last but not least here are some super weird eyes!


Image by Anne Ten Donkelaar



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