Happy Friday! We're feeling fabulous after this week and excited for the weekend, hope you guys are too! Before we get on with the link pack, we'd like to put out there that we're looking for people to join our team so please shoot us an email at info@sagittamed.de if you would be interested! 

A brilliant video on how to lose weight in 4 'easy' steps...

Here are some thoughts on ageing.

Ashley Graham has some inspiring words to share. 

Mama's of multiple kids gave Beyonce some tips. 

Here are five at home ingredients you can use to replace things you might get at a chemists.

The name you have influences your life. 

12 Truths learned by this 61 year old writer. Such a beautiful video. 

Cycling can be a much less stressful way to commute. 

Dogs can help with everything, from diabetes to autism. 

Would you trust an algorithm for birth control?

How does sunscreen work?

Science has found the best songs to get your baby to sleep!

11 ways to relax that aren't exercise or meditation.

Having trouble sleeping? Try magnesium, or have a look at this little list. 

We're guilty of these: In praise of fantastical to do lists. 





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