Happy Friday dears! We hope you've had another fabulous week and are happy to be rolling into the weekend! Enjoy the link pack this week.

Can DNA testing really help you maximise your fitness levels?

This cute film about breakfast made us hungry!

In defence of unsexy skincare routines.

Is food medicine? The question that is becoming more relevant everyday.

This protein tricks your heart into thinking you're exercising. 

'I'm 90 but I feel 50' This lady has some great life advice. 

The thoughts you have when you're having a facial. 

A 35yr olds exploration into contraception post having children. 

We're a step closer to curing the common cold!

Want great teeth, here are some tips!

How long do you have to cut back on sugar before you see results?

Can accepting insomnia be a life changer?

A nano-chip can heal wounds with a single touch!

How does your brain decide what is beautiful?

Make your own all natural body-wash! 

What does it mean to have dense breasts?

And finally for the weekend, here's the cocktail you should order if you're going out for drinks! 





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