SAGITTAmed is for people who believe prevention is better than cure. Who know that often the little things in life can make a big difference. Have an open mind and heart to all types of medicine – if it is herbal, homeopathic, essential oils, school medicine or other alternative treatments – because as Paracelsus said, "He who heals is right."

Company History

1909 - Establishing A Family Tradition

Family Fasching takes over Munich’s oldest pharmacy. A new tradition of pharmacies is created. Today the profession of pharmacist is already followed in the family’s fifth generation.

1911 - Registration of the trademark SAGITTA

The production of specific preparations is outsourced and in the same year leads to the distribution of over-the-counter pharmaceuticals under the registered trademark “SAGITTA”.

1959/60 - Relocation into first own premises

The ever growing demand for SAGITTA products e.g. SAGITTA cough drops and SAGITTA cough syrup shows in the rising number of employees to already 120 people in 1944. Having moved into larger rental premises years ago, finally SAGITTA’s first own building at Munich’s Frankfurter Ring is built and inhabited.

1972 - SAGITTA - New headquarters in Feldkirchen

To allow for optimum manufacturing conditions a state of the art SAGITTA company building is developed. In doing so the planning of the new premises takes into consideration GMP (Good Manufacuring Practice), the basic principles of the World Health Organisation for the manufacture and quality control of pharmaceuticals. Only later this becomes a legal requirement.

1976 – Specialising in Generics

Marketing of the first generic Diclofenac-gel under the label SAGITTA.

1994 – Sale of all SAGITTA product and brand to BASF

Business continues at both manufacturing plants as a contract manufacturer for clients such as Novartis, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Ratiopharm, Sanofi, Hexal.

2014 - The birth of SAGITTAmed

Stefan and Sabine Fasching repurchase Sagitta and start the internet platform SAGITTAmed. From now on visitors can get tips and tricks around their health on top of purchasing SAGITTA products in selected pharmacies or over the online shop.